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Five Reasons to Retain a Traffic Safety Human Factors Expert

This article was first published on the Expert Institute's website and is reposted here. Human factors experts focus on how people interact with their environment and consider principles of psychology, design, and usability to optimize safety and performance. Traffic safety human factors experts strive to answer crucial questions regarding road user behavior, ...

Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists Resources

Bicycle Lane on Bloor Street in Toronto In Canada, road safety audits generally refer to assessments conducted during the design phase of a roadway, while in-service road safety reviews generally refer to the identification of improvements for a road that is already in use. However, much of the rest of ...
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Human Factors Analysis of the Impact of a Non-working Streetlight on a Pedestrian Collision

Background This is a tragic case involving a seriously injured 16 year old pedestrian who was riding a longboard (a longer skateboard designed for cruising). A minivan driver (age 72), moving in the same direction as the pedestrian, collided with the pedestrian at a speed between 45 and 48 km/h ...

Head Injury Risks Associated with Sledding

The table below provides a summary of eight medical research studies of sledding injuries in Canada and the United States. All eight papers noted that head injuries were common. The authors of all eight studies agreed that sledders should use helmets or that the potential value of helmets should be ...
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