Maurice Masliah, Ph.D.

I have an undergraduate honours degree in statistics from the University of Chicago and I also completed the requirements in psychology with honours. In addition, I have a master’s degree and a doctorate in human factors from engineering departments. My master’s degree is from the University of Washington, and my doctorate is from the University of Toronto.

My career has focused on safety in transportation, road safety audits and reviews, statistical analysis of collision data, and safety management. I specialized in road safety as a senior researcher or project manager for different transportation engineering firms from 2001 to 2017. In 2017, I started my own consulting practice, Headlight Consulting Inc.

I am certified as an instructor for the National Highway Institute (NHI), the training arm for the Federal Highway Administration in the United States. One of the safety courses I have taught for NHI is New Approaches to Highway Safety Analysis. I taught the statistical and human factors portions of the course. The participants in this three-day course are usually state department of transportation employees. I have taught the course more than 20 times in several different states. I am a three-time recipient of the Certificate of Excellence (2010, 2012, and 2013) from NHI “for exemplary service and dedication to providing high quality instruction of critical training to the transportation workforce.” Since 2018 I have been teaching the graduate course Human Factors in Transportation at the University of Toronto.

I am one of the first 100 people to pass the examination and receive certification as a Road Safety Professional Level 1 by the Transportation Professional Certification Board in Washington, DC. In 2019, I became one of the first 9 people to pass the examination and receive certification as a Road Safety Professional Level 2 (Behavioral Specialty) .


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Nesta Morris, M.Sc.

I was educated in England with my first degree from Bristol University and my M.Sc. from the London School of Economics (University of London). I have more than 25 years of transportation planning experience specializing in safety, transit and original research. In recent years, I have concentrated on providing independent editing and reviewing services to clients preparing academic and professional reports. I enjoy making reports interesting and readable for professionals, decision makers and the general public. My main role with Headlight Consulting Inc. is to ensure that all reports are clear, well-structured and well written. Examples of safety and transit research and reviewing:

  • Creation and documentation of the Ontario Road Safety Management Framework which made safety an explicit, formal and quantitative part of the Ontario highway network (Ministry of Transportation Ontario)
  • Member of the team that undertook the research for the Highway Safety Manual. Worked on both the detailed knowledge base and the practitioners’ version of the HSM (Federal Highways Administration (FHWA))
  • Member of the team that brought together almost 1,000 crash reduction factors (CRFs) in the Issue Briefs and Desktop Reference for Crash Reduction Factors assembled for traffic engineers and other transportation practitioners. Responsible for making complex analytical issues clear. Issues included how the best CRFs are selected and how they should be used in practice. In addition to the written discussions, summarized the material in slide form for the CRF training webinar (FHWA)
  • Hamilton Strategic Road Safety Program (City of Hamilton)
  • Durham Region Transit Long Term Transit Strategy (Durham Region)
  • Beckett Drive Transportation and Safety Analysis (City of Hamilton)
  • The Cost of Urban Congestion in Canada (Transport Canada)
  • Best practices for assessing road safety data (American Gas Association)
  • Improving Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Along Light Rail Transit Alignments (Transit Cooperative Research Program Project A-30)
  • Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan (Arizona Department of Transportation)

I have my own consulting firm, Uniondale Associates, where I provide professional editing services to clients.

Nesta Morris

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